Kyler Kreuger

35 Years

“Meet Kailer Krueger, Our Dedicated Surf Coach: From the scenic south shore of Oahu, Kailer’s journey with surfing began at the tender age of 4, influenced by his family’s deep-rooted passion for the ocean. With over 35 years of surfboard crafting expertise passed down from his father, Kailer embodies a lifelong dedication to surfing. As a part-time Ocean Rescue worker, he channels his passion for the ocean into ensuring public safety, fulfilling his lifelong goal of aiding others. Through teaching surfing, Kailer shares his love for the art and sport, believing everyone deserves the chance to experience the joy of riding waves. With a commitment to perseverance and improvement, Kailer inspires his students to embrace the ocean and strive for mastery in surfing, reminding them that with dedication, the rewards will flow.”

He is a frequent speaker on the topics of global innovation and digital disruption. He is also an avid cook and history buff. You can find him dining late at night with the chefs of the hotels where he stays during his travels, or reading in his home library.