THe ultimate surfing experiences

Explore our range of personalized surfing experiences tailored to all skill levels. From beginner lessons to advanced coaching, we have the perfect options to help you improve your skills and enjoy the waves to the fullest. Try our weekly classes, immersive surf camps, convenient board rentals, and exciting surf trips to experience new waves and destinations. Let us help you make the most of your surfing journey

Private Lessons

Elevate your surfing skills with personalized one-on-one sessions led by expert instructors. Tailored to your goals and skill level for rapid progress.

Group Lessons

Join our dynamic group lessons led by expert instructors. Perfect for friends or families looking to catch big waves and have fun together.

Board Rentals

Need a board to surf for the day? Experience the waves on your own! Rent a board for $30/day (8 AM - 5 PM), subject to availability.


Enhance your surfing skills with personalized coaching packages. Tailored guidance from experienced instructors ensures rapid progress and mastery on the waves

Corporate Surf

Unlock the ultimate team-building experience with our company or school packages. Customized lessons foster camaraderie and skill development when surfing on the waves together.

Have further Questions?

If you have previous surf experience and are wanting to brush up on your skills, please feel free to call us.

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